Travel Advent Calendar 2016: Part 4

Ever since this year’s calendar went live, people have been asking me about my amazing year of travel. Cartagena, Milan, Copenhagen, Tulum, Singapore, São Paulo, Dubai, Rio, Trinidad, Koh Phangan, Hawaii, Laos, Porto, Paris, Jericoacoara, Nicaragua, The Hunter Valley, Mérida, Taganga, Monteverde, Punta del Este and Bogotá in one year? I WISH!!!

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Travel Advent Calendar 2016: Part 2

Back again for the second installment of my 2016 Advent Calendar round-up. Just to re-cap, I’ve gathered together a selection of my favourite travel pics and stories from the past few years and have been posting them daily in honour of the Festive Season – and for your viewing pleasure, of course. Catch-up with part one here , parts 3 and 4 to follow…

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Travel Advent Calendar 2016: Part 1

If you’ve been following me on Instagram and Twitter, you’ll know all about my 2016 Travel Advent Calendar. If not, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?!!!


This year, as in 2015, I’ve been rounding up my favourite travel pics and stories in honour of the festive season. Haven’t done a lot of travel this year (she says, packing for Prague this weekend…), but there is nothing like a good rummage through my hard drive to remind me of all the amazing places I’ve been lucky enough to travel to over the years, the experiences I’ve had, the people I’ve met… now I’ve come over all nostalgic *sniff* Continue Reading →

#TBT: San Juan del Sur, December 2013

This is the view of the sunset from poolside at my hostel – yes, HOSTEL – Casa de Olas in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua.

High on a hill, palm-thatched dorms skirt the edge of an infinity pool, perfectly positioned to catch the sun as it sets over the town and beach below.

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Mexico: Seeing Ruins, Getting Ruined

Mexico had been on my list for ever, so when Virgin started their  service to Cancun, I jumped at the chance to burn some miles and plan a dream trip.

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