Travel Advent Calendar 2016: Part 3

After part one and part two … part three. For the uninitiated, I’ve been searching through all of my travel pics from the past few years and have selected a few of my favourites to share over the Festive Season as my ‘Travel Advent Calendar’. The world moves so fast, we’re in a constant state of finishing up one thing and jumping on to the next, so it is a bit of a treat to be able to pause and reflect on trips past…and get a little inspiration for whatever comes next!

Peep below for days 13-18; part four is on ts way. Enjoy!


Day 13

Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal

Walk a little, drink a little lot…

The problem with travel is you try new things which then turn out to be amazing. I have snorkelled (loved it!), hang-glided (awesome – wouldn't rush to do it again, though), SUP'd (spent more time in the sea than on the board – still had fun, though). Now, thanks to Porto, I love a cheeky glass of…port (obv). After a slow wander through the city sights and over the bridge to Vila Nova de Gaia, we definitely earned the right to tour some of the Caves and have a port tasting or two (or three, or four…). Our Day 13 pic is the view from the Teleférico de Gaia cable car over the Douro River on the way back to the city. After all that 'tasting', there wasn't much chance of us making it on foot… #traveladventcalendar #adventcalendar #portugal #porto #vilanovadegaia #porttasting #porttastinginporto #telefericodegaia #travelbucketlist #travelgoals #travelinspiration #toodrunktowalk

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Day 14

Le Marais, Paris, France

The World’s Sluttiest Eclairs

This year's Advent Calendar seems to be all about filling my face. First the cinnamon rolls as big as head (Copenhagen, Day 3), now for Day 14 we're in Paris with the world's sluttiest eclairs. I originally went to Paris to learn how to make macaroons (verdict: I'm not nearly as good a baker as I thought I was), but took a side trip to L'Eclair de Génie in Le Marais where the best-dressed pastries in Paris were ready to tempt me. I could only pick one (they're about 7 Euros a pop…), so I chose wisely: a 'Chou Chou Caramel' with hazelnut cream, salted caramel and gold-dusted candied nuts. C'était incroyable… #traveladventcalendar #adventcalendar #paris #lemarais #patisserie #eclairdegenie #pastries #travelbucketlist #travelgoals #travelinspiration

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Day 15

Jericoacoara, Ceará, Brazil

Diva & Donkey Have a Dinner Date


Day 16

Masaya Volcano, nr Granada, Nicaragua

Don’t. Look. Down.


Day 17

Southbank, London, UK

Maybe It’s Because I’m A Londoner…


Day 18

The Hunter Valley, NSW, Australia

When Diva Met Sauvignon Blanc…

Just because I'm posting from Prague, doesn't mean I can skip my calendar duties… Don't let the peaceful country scene fool you, the day 18 pic is particularly dangerous: it represents the day I fell in love with Sauvignon Blanc. Blame The Hunter Valley for this one. I skipped the school trip-sized tours to the big commercial wineries and opted for something a little more boutique. With only five in our minibus, we could visit smaller, independent producers and, more importantly, DRINK MORE WINE. We stopped by Iron Gate, Blueberry Hill and Ernest Hill, all of whom were amazing (and GENEROUS with the samples), but it was Mountain View that turned a dedicated red wine drinker to the 'white side', and an obsession with Sauvignon Blanc. Thanks for that. After a day 'tasting' with Sydney Boutique Tours, I slept very well that night. Just don't ask me about the morning after… #traveladventcalendar #adventcalendar #australia #sydney #huntervalley #vineyards #wineries #sauvignonblanc #wineoclock

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On the home stretch! Catch up with parts 1 & 2 here and here; part 4 to follow. Stay with me, people!

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